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Originally Posted by stuti View Post
i have purchased my Sumsung galaxy tab 7" recently. In my tab wi fi is connecting but the email and other internet applications are not working.i would appreiciate any help.
Are you able to download things from the GooglePlay store over your home wifi?

I was going to suggest you do a ping but I think that requires a terminal emulator first. You may be able to connect when you are elsewhere to download it. On my work network I am only able to ping local servers not ones out on the net, not sure about at home.

If you have a terminal emulator (or once you get one) the first thing I would do would be an ifconfig for the wireless network dev. I assume yours is wlan0 . In the example below, what you type is in green, the output is in blue

ifconfig wlan0

wlan0: mask
flags [up broadcast running multicast]

If you get an error saying no such device, you will need to do a netcfg to find out what the device name is, then run the ifconfig as above.

The important thing here is just seeing that A) it is listed as up, and B) that it is assigned an IP address.

Assuming you are up and have an ip address, you could try to ping and see if you get a response. If that doesnt work, Control C (down volume+c) ping your router's internal IP , (usually, but thats not a given) if that DOES work, then try to ping another host on your home network (granted, many devices probably block such traffic these days, so you can only confirm that ping is working, not that it is not working.)

If ping does work to a machine either outside your LAN, but your apps don't then there may be a problem with your tablet or some configuration.

If ping works to a machine INSIDE your LAN (besides the router), but nto OUTSIDE your LAN, it could be some firewall setup on your router, some access restriction, even a MAC address filter I suppose.

If ping from your tab doesn't even work to your router (and bear in mind, some home routers could be blocking ping, I suppose) that probably means that you really aren't connected, or that there is serious problem with the tablet.

Some other things I might check would be:

A) your tablet is setup to use a proxy. Generally proxy settings are specific to each connection. To discover if you are using a proxy for that connection, go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > Wi Fi Settings Then select and hold your home network (should be the top one if you are connected currently) until it gives you a menu that includes "Modify Network Config", select that and see about your proxy settings. For your home connection, this should probably be None unless you have been told otherwise or you have experience setting up your own proxy.

B) some other host on your LAN may have the same IP address, i.e. a rogue server. This should not happen in most home network setups if everyone is using DHCP and/or IPs are reserved properly on the router, by MAC address.

C) Router logs - look for error messages.

Of course I may have overlooked something glaringly obvious here hopefully others will have a simple concise response rather than my troubleshooting technique.
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