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Originally Posted by Guido View Post
Virginia's Attorney General is planning on filing a lawsuit because the federal government cannot force its citizens to buy something..... Hmm, I am REQUIRED to buy auto insurance or pay a $500 penalty to the state to help offset the damage that other uninsured motorists cause, but not to benefit me.
Only required if you drive

should we require everyone to get auto insurance regardless just to lower the cost a little? does not make sense, and while we are on this subject, why not earthquake insurance? if everyone got it, it would also lower costs, a little bit, if everyone participated.

health insurance is an agreement between you and the insurance company to pay for certain procedures, meds and services as per the policy. It is a good like anything else. Insurance companies do not provide health care, Doctors do. just because one has insurance does not mean one will get care. period. By the same token just because one does not have health insurance does not mean they will not get care. who is our government to say who should buy what and at what cost and coverage?

if you are so hot to help others, why are you not going to someone on your street or in your neighborhood, find someone who cannot afford that heart transplant, and pay for it out of your pocket? also include their follow up care and meds/ Why arn't any of theses liberals doing this?

I have not found one yet that has or is doing this. See, when it comes directly out of your pocket, you libs do not step up to the plate, so here is your shining moment, well, lets see it , c'mon, open up yer wallet, pay for that $300,000 operation. Well??????? I thought so. Put up or shut up.
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