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Actually I had to work. I still do 40 hours a week at one job and side jobs when I can get my hands on a deal. A stickler for details my butt. 1 trillion? try 2 in the first 10 years. You'll have to pay doctors! the first trillion is ONLY health insurance. Doctors are starting to refuse medicaid patients on the grounds that the doctors can't survive. Also lets not forget that the war ( while IMO unconstitutional ) was voted on by both parties. Republicans ( not my favorite party, but the lesser of the two evils ) had no hand in this current undermining of liberties. It will be contested by various STATE superme justices based on the fact that it is unconstitutional to force citizens to buy anything. Most of what the media is currently spewing is half truth or all lies. Currently it is ILLEGAL to refuse medical treatment to anyone. This means that even if you do not have insurance you are still going to be treated. So what is this trillion dollars going to change other then what I take home.

I lived overseas for 14 year. My neighbor bled to death in the hall way of a hospital while waiting for a physician to get to the hospital. And while this does not yet include dental I myself had a filling done when I was 14 while over seas. They didn't want to pay for Novocain. Can you imagine taking your kid to get a filling without any local anesthesia? For the record I am 31 now and i remember that like it was yesterday. You've gotta be NUTZ to want that.

It's interesting that the taxes kick in next year but we won't see a benefit from this until 2014. You do know that the government owes the social security fund some number just short of a trillion dollar right? ( 800 billion maybe?) Where are the taxes for the next 3 years going to go? Vaporize? Pay for the cash for clunkers? WTF? Does no one read between the lines? Does no one see the bigger picture?

It's odd that 2014 would be half way through obamas second term IF he gets reelected (lets try and not let that happen) So if his plan goes bust and they figure out it doesn't work and Americans decide it wasn't what they wanted afterall they can pass the buck to the next guy.

Lastly, even though I touched on this earlier, when was the last time something like this came up and got NO votes from the other party? I though Obama was all bi-partisan and stuff? If nothing else this proves that Americans are bitterly divided. This whole health care thing has awakened a sleeping giant in the US. Look at the Tea party movement. Look at the 9-12ers. Look at the laws that conservative states are passing and read how defiant they are towards the federal government. Look at the groups that are advocating that their state secede from the US....

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever. Thomas Jefferson

Anti grade school comment disclosure: No I'm not going to proof read it I took the time to write it. That should be good enough.
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