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Default "Light Leak" on bottom of screen?

I've seen some pretty horrific images when I googled this problem, but others don't seem to be having what I have. In fact, the more I look into it, the less convinced I am there is a problem at all.

Here's the deal: For every color other than black (say, a white webpage!), the bottom of my screen (I'm talking the very bottom, almost under the screen plane) shows distinct lines of light. Held exactly perpendicular to the plane of vision, there is no (or very little) evidence of these lines. But tilt the phone's bottom just a little bit away from you and you'll see the lines (similar to coherent wave interference patterns in appearance). In normal use, when I am reading the top of a webpage in portrait orientation, or the left in landscape, such a position causes the fringes/ripples/lines to be visible.

I've already gotten the first LTE replaced due to a discolored band appearing on the screen, and I admit I may have been too preoccupied with that major problem to notice this minor one. Does anyone else have this issue? Don't tell me from memory; you might not have noticed. Just open a webpage (like google) on medium screen brightness and look down toward the bottom of the phone. See any waves of light?

Let me know.

PS: My camera lens (internal) appears to have been mounted a bit crooked. Anyone familiar with the optics able to tell me if this is a bad thing? I've noticed my HDR pictures have been rather blurry, but sadly I lost my means of comparison without actually doing any real comparison.
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