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Not sure if this thread is still active but i just received my airave today at my door (this after sprint saying they were delayed by 4 weeks - more later on that) anyway some background Ive had every generation and only had one work for me - the problem with the old units the gps lock was very hard to come by even with the external antenna - fast fwd the Airvana as they are calling it now is just as bad - mine started and ended with the mobile light going amber but both gps and broadband locking solid green pretty quickly - i tried both the behind the router and the front of router techniques to no avail.

3 hrs on tech with Sprint and my Optimum modem to find out my modem is not up to par with the "Jitter" i was running about 20ms and the Airvana needs to be withing 0-5ms if i am not mistaken - anyway after A TON of tech run throughs and opening ports etc. that was the conclusion - i am running a netgear N router and a motorola surfboard modem - have many wireless devices running in the background etc. never had any issues with any other device or streaming hd movies etc. but again the airvana is very picky and everything needs to be constant and smooth with sending and receiving information -

Called Sprint retentions after the long day of Airvana tech and found out this gem - a newer model is already being pushed out in 10 days - rep saying its suppose to fix all these finicky issues they've had for so long quoting tech support thats all they do all day is help people try and figure out why its not connecting - so for all those suffering trying to find a quick solution it may just be the airvana has bugs like they all have and if your modem/router/the planets are not in specific alignment (aka - jitter between 0-5, packet dump less than 1% etc. etc. ) than you should have no problem but if your like me the average user with services from a cable company the stats will fluctuate all the time hence no allowing your airave/airvana to work properly -

Amazing how they expect the average person to use this thing - i actually felt like a tech after going through all the motions and language (ports, jitter, packets, pppoe, voip, etc.) anyway this thing has been flawed since it came out way back when (i should know) and another good quote to leave you with from retention's

Well i see here that you have 27 towers in your area in need of repair and upgrade, i am assuming they will be updating them to LTE soon - this maybe the reason why you have poor service in your area, the airvana was suppose to help you with that, but if that cannot connect i understand your frustrations, but we do have a newer unit coming out in 10days that is suppose to be a real plug and play, be more user friendly, no more bugs

The only thing i can say is thank god i got it free and no monthly charge - guess ill wait to try out the newer one
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