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I just got shipping notice tonight and my GS3 will be arriving Monday. However, I'm very tempted to return it unopened and just keep my Galaxy Nexus until the lines on my family plan are off contract.

Getting very tired of Verizon's arrogant handling of everything from voice/data plans to encrypted bootloaders:

- Forcing Share Everything down our throats (sure we can keep our current plan for now, but we'll all have to be on SE sooner or later)

- Raising and adding fees

- Screwing up the Galaxy Nexus launch and software udpates

- Locking and encrypting the GS3 bootloader (even as the other carriers left it unencrypted)

- Forcing that stupid Wifi toggle notification in the main notification area instead of with the toggles like on the other carrier versions (really Verizon, are we stupid enough that you have to constantly remind us to switch to WIFI????)

- Always late with updates, so I'm sure we'll be the last ones to receive GS3 updates

All of this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I am done with them!
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