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I can confirm, through the Samsung Galaxy Support Team (Level 2), that the request for the ENCRYPTED bootloader (not just locked) was made by Verizon themselves, and Verizon was the ONLY carrier to want this...

The bootloader status is also part of the OEM/Carrier agreement between Samsung and VZW, and because of said agreement, VZW is the only party with the ability to unlock the device...

i got the vibe from the tech that i spoke to, that VZW requested this and that they would have refused the carry the device without Samsung agreeing to the the modification

Edit: I've also read from someone who has spoken with a Level 3 Samsung Tech...that the phones left Samsung and Verizon THEMSELVES performed the software modifications...this person got the vibe from his tech that Samsung was resistant to the modification, but that VZW went ahead with it anyway
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