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Originally Posted by smitty543 View Post
I checked the Sprint coverage map, and it shows the strongest signal where I am spending the summer. Unfortunately, my EVO LTE cannot read maps, and it has 1 - 3 bars when I am in the house! Any ideas? Is it a "bad phone sample"?

I usually get only 3 bars and terrible 3g at home as well. I think it depends where you live. I was getting only 3 bars on my OGEvo as well and barely a Wimax signal (same thing when I was on ATT and had an IPhone). I live right outside Chicago in a pretty dense area with a lot of apartments and condos so it's probably due to that.

At work (further out in the western 'burbs of Chicago) I get excellent coverage and fairly fast 3g speeds (about 1.5 mbps average). So I think the area where you live/work coupled with some possible hardware issues is the problem.
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