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Originally Posted by fbm111 View Post

Phone is not out yet and you keep saying like the DROID X?

I happen to follow quit a few Devs on twitter and I bet this will be taken care of before Tuesday.

Try having a little patience.
i exercised 2 years of patience as a DX owner

1. People not familiar with Moto devices and the consequences of the bootloader being encrypted don't fully understand how much effort was put into cracking the DX

2. i have plenty of patience, however im not interested in locking myself into a phone and a contract (without unlimited data) for the next two years with no idea whether it will be unlocked or for the time being, it is MY OPINION that sticking with my already locked down DX which is running very nicely on Liberty3 Gingerbread and keeping my unlimited data plan is the right move...

i pre-ordered the SGS3 under the assumption it would be unlocked, if this is achieved then i will re-order
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