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Originally Posted by LunchBB View Post
I don't see anything funny or anything to bait you with. Just Google gorilla glass and you shall learn.

I never use any screen protector since the nexus one.

Found this link confirmed s3 has gorilla glass screen
Corning confirms Gorilla Glass on the Samsung Galaxy S3 | Ubergizmo
I know all about Gorilla Glass. I've seen the videos, read the hype, have experience with several phones that have it. And I have also read of quite a few accounts of people getting scratches on the Gorilla Glass equipped phone. This has been discussed at length and it's an absolute FACT that there are relatively common elements that will and does scratch it. Sand is the primary example. It's harder than GG and even just a few grains in your pocket can scratch it. The videos you've seen where people are abusing the GG with knives, pens, etc. are misleading because those items are made of materials softer than the GG. It's surprising that you're a "Senior Member" on this forum and have never seen this discussed before. Do whatever you want but when you advise people that they don't need a screen protector because of GG then you are giving false information. Lots of people get away with not using a screen protector on GG but quite a few have found out the hard way that it doesn't protect from everything. Good luck with that.

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