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Originally Posted by ironbrewer View Post
I don't really care for the beats eq. It just boosts low and high ends a bit. Right now I'm experimenting with Power Amp, but not sure I like it. Everytime i plug in my headphones it turns on my music even if i'm trying to listen to something else. i think the beats makes the music muddier. I'm still trying to figure out what DAC (digital to analog converter) the Ltevo has. It seems nobody knows. The Samsungs have a wolfson DAC which is highly praised by audiophiles. I have some nice earphones which sound pretty good on the Ltevo though.

Well that's the biggest complaint from audiophiles about Beats headphones. It makes the music muddier. I listen to mostly alternative, classic rock and experimental electronic music and Beats just don't cut it IMO. Rap and pop music fans are the crowd that Beats are targetting.
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