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Originally Posted by RainbowWarrior View Post
I just upgraded from my Captivate to a shiny new S3, and I am so excited, but I'm having a problem with my microSD card. When it's in the Captivate and mounted, I can go into the directory mnt/sd and see all the things on the card, including my photos and music, etc. When I unmount the card and move it into the S3, the directory shows only 4 folders - LOST.DIR, DCIM and a couple others. All these folders are empty. I have tried unmounting and re-mounting the SD card, turning the phone off and on again, but it just is not reading the files. When I put the SD card back in the Captivate, boom, it works fine, I can see everything right there in the directory.

I have checked both the mnt/sd and mnt/ext_sd directories in the S3, with no results. It simply is not recognizing that this SD card is full of information.

Can anyone help me fix this? I will be really sad if I can't transfer all my pictures and music to my new phone.
Just my two cents....the methods in the posts above are the way to go.

For whatever reason it seems that SD cards need to be formatted to the specific device for the SD card to work
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