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Originally Posted by DanDroide View Post
I don't have an ICS leak installed on my phone anymore but I keep hearing about the new car mode.

Would somebody mind posting a screenshot or vid?

Ask, and ye shall receive.

6.7.232 Car Dock 01 2012-07-08 14.15.55.jpg
Main page

6.7.232 Car Dock 02 2012-07-08 14.16.27.jpg

6.7.232 Car Dock 03 2012-07-08 14.16.38.jpg
Voice Search popup

6.7.232 Car Dock 04 2012-07-08 14.16.44.jpg
Calling Page

6.7.232 Car Dock 05 2012-07-08 14.16.50.jpg
Other Apps page

6.7.232 Car Dock 06 2012-07-08 14.17.25.jpg
One click BT enable - will take you to BT settings page if you are not already paired with a device

6.7.232 Car Dock 07 2012-07-08 14.17.31.jpg
BT settings page (again, if not paired)

6.7.232 Car Dock 08 2012-07-08 14.17.37.jpg
One click BT disable

6.7.232 Car Dock 10 2012-07-08 14.17.48.jpg
More (Settings) button

6.7.232 Car Dock 12 2012-07-08 14.18.01.jpg
Settings page

Originally Posted by dautley View Post
Visually speaking the latest leak looks like the first one that you had installed. the only things that have really changed are tweaks under the hood so to speak.
Here's a couple shots. I'm running Beautiful Widgets and a couple different browsers to see what I like best.
Every other time I checked the leaks car mode was not running. In either 2233 or 229 it only loaded up VZW Nav app, and if you disabled the VZW Nav app it just crashed.

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