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Originally Posted by CmdrBond View Post
I currently own a Nexus S, and am due for upgrade in 2 weeks.

I was originally torn between the G Note, GS3 and G Nexus. The fact that the GS3 does have handwriting recognition was enough to knock the note out of contention for me. Although I do like the size, and I do like the S-Pen, I just won't make the use of it. It is a pity that the Wacom digitizer didn't make it into the GS3.

So now it is between the GS3 and the G Nexus. And this is where I am torn.

I have never been a fan of TouchWiz, although the reviews of the GS3 says Samsung have gone a long way in trying to sort this out. So I am less worried about TW now.

Moving on to the core OS - the G Nexus is due to receive Jellybean soon, but is it? I am a little bit wary considering the hash that was made of the OTA update of ICS to the Nexus S, receiving it well after the G Nexus was released with it as stock. In fact, not long after my Nexus S updated to ICS, so did my bro's HTC. So was there any real benefit? And how long before the next Nexus phone, there must be one due soon.

The S3 definitely has the better tech, and will most likely get JB eventually. So that is what I am leaning too - but I am still undecided.
i think your problem with receiving updates with the nexus phones is your using the carrier versions

"Google will be pushing out Jelly Bean to the Google Nexus S, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Motorola Xoom by mid-July. The software development kit will be available for developers starting immediately."

notice the nexus s will get it right away assuming your using the true google nexus s

notice those are all the true nexus devices, not the carrier versions..........the gnex buying outright is 350$ right now, and you actually get updates strait from google, where as with the s3, you'll be waiting
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