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Potential Problems

1. For the first startup, the animation disappeared for a long time and the screen was blank, for that initial startup you need something there to indicate its in progress, or keep the first animation going longer. I almost thought something was wrong and was going to flash again.

2. When I first opened Mobile AP it force closed. It was fine in all subsequent attempts. I was in airplane mode in the first instance and had turned it off at the second attempt and turned it back on in the third attempt, related????

3. This was odd. When you pull down the notifications bar while it is media scanning it slows down considerably???? or is it me going mad???? media scanner speed although much faster than 2.3.4 was sometimes not consistent.

4. Was wondering around this morning listening to some music and during this process the music stopped once and the volume increased, this would be the first time that has happended to me while having it in my pocket, a bug or accidental button touching???

Your working on this but ill post it anyhow.
4. Wont shutdown, reboot, or go into recovery. Sticks on blank screen after animation is complete. Now im only guessing here but i think you dont have enough images to complete the animation script/ code which may be set to 36 you have 26, so unless you add more images or alter the source/ script, it will stick. Im not sure why but on some roms it will stick when you do this while on others you can alter them and it wont, not sure why though.

5. Cant turn on bluetooth in airplane mode through settings but you can from the power control, never seen that before.

6. Wheres all the static wallpapers from stock, you can remove the muse ones but include the others.

7. No folder options to create or add an exisiting app based folder. Maybe I dont have any apps that use that installed at the moment.


I dont like the openvitality icon in the notifications bar and those grey lines if you added them, their ugly, was making feel nauseous last night and its really beginning to annoy me already lol o) You can sell yourself in the about phone section. Maybe its these that are slowing down the media scanning, when its semi-pulled down.

2. Stock camera still shuts down at 15% battery, I use Camera ICS anyhow. Ive seen some solutions to this online before, I think you need to open up the apk.


1. I like most of this build but particularly, the startup and shutdown animations, good combo. Incidentally where is the start up animation stored?

Other comments relating to GPS/ Sensors.

1. The GPS has a variable fix unlike stock EH29 which was constant, obviously this ROM doesnt resolve my long standing gps wont restart issue lol o)

2. This rom includes those updated or improved sensor files that I mentioned previously resulting in compass/ google maps activities not gettting stuck in the horizontal axis.


2.3.4 (EH29 stock) 38.22k
2.3.6 86.20k

3. Although its pre-configured well already, if its possible I would still like to see the DSP settings app installed or is this for later OS releases?

4. Quickpic is still my preferred photoviewer

Didnt they post an MMS fix for MeteroPCS 2.3.6 update???
Fixing MMS (Send & Receive)

Overall I have to say that its probably the best non-2.3.4 build out there, as the kernel has been maintained everything works.

Looking forward to beta 2.
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