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did a little bit of looking around, this is for cm7, but the basic principles should be the same for adding wimax.

also if you are lazy you can also open apk's with a program like peazip and just modify it

- Copy /system/app/CMWimaxSettings.apk.
- Copy /system/framework/wimax-api.jar.

Decompile /system/framework/framework-res.apk

Edit ./res/xml/bools.xml
- change config_wimaxEnabled value to true

Edit ./res/xml/strings.xml
- change config_wimaxServiceJarLocation value to /system/framework/wimax-api.jar
- change config_wimaxManagerClassname value to
- change config_wimaxServiceClassname value to

Edit ./res/xml/arrays.xml
- in networkAttributes element, add <item>wimax,6,6,2</item> (I add it after wifi)
- in radioAttributes element, add <item>6,1</item> (I add it to the top)
- in config_tether_upstream_regexs element, add <item>wimax\\d</item> (I add it to the bottom)

Now somewhere (probably Settings.apk), you'll want to add a link to it.

as it sits i have quite a bit of roms on my HD, so I have access to all of the files, when i get home from work ill take a look into it if you havent already done it mobz =)
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