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Originally Posted by theevildead84 View Post
I've ran this for about 24 hours now with little to no issues outside of one. I'm not sure if this is something with the rom, but I went to sleep last night and left the phone on... When I woke it up this morning, I was able to pattern unlock like always, but after that the phone was unresponsive as if I was not touching the phone to slide through screens or pick an icon.

Pulled battery and restarted... No issues yet... I'll leave it on overnight again and see if I wake up to it doing the same thing.

The sound is just honestly obnoxiously loud. Is there anything I can do to change it? I mean if I honestly turned the volume to max, I feel like it would blow the speaker. Even on the lowest possible setting notifications/ringtones are WAY loud.

As for media scanning mentioned by Pedro, it's always sucked for me on Vitality. It'll like say it's done, and rescan another time or two for the hell of it. I didn't notice any slowdown or anything really while it's doing that, though.

Otherwise... Thank you so much. This room is speedy and a smart choice over stock or I'd even say your previous openvitality rom. It really zips about.
In the sound settings under "Volume", have you tried to uncheck the option "Use incoming call volume for notifications"? If not, try it, then adjust your volume settings from there. That solved it for me, at least.
The only other permanent solution would be to remove the eq files all together -- and I _really_ don't want to do that, just for the fact that this phones volume stinks as is. ><

Hope that helps!

btw, I'll be releasing a 1.1 update in about 5 minutes with a patch for the MMS issue.
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