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Originally Posted by pbf98 View Post
By now everyone that is into pc gaming has at least heard of minecraft at one point if not tried it by now, and I also have learned recently that it is now available to the 360.

Anyone else here a minecraft addict? I remember the first time I saw it, i thought it looked so stupid and I said to my self I would never play a game that went backwards with its graphics... Sure enough a friend convinced me to try it, and I was hooked. I quit after 3 months because I was spending to much time on it. Just recently I started playing again because another friend told me to since he was starting a server about a year after I had stopped.

So who else here plays the game? What do you like to do to pass time on it?
I too saw it at first and hated it because it was ass-backwards with graphics. However, same thing, a friend had me get it for her and I was like... well might as well at least give it a try. and I actually run my own server so I was like... MINE ALL MINE! (Get the pun? ) lol anyways, if you are interested, PM me and I can whitelist you.

Originally Posted by 9to5cynic View Post
I'll admit that a year or two back, I spent nearly a third of my classes playing minecraft all class. It was bad....

It seems that you can't play it anymore without an account? I haven't tried it in quite a while, but seems like when I last tried to go on, it needed me to create an account or buy it...

Yeah, I like free things.
You can play it without an account, and without paying a dime... but technically it's illegal to download the full game without paying for it, but if you do, all you do is try to sign in with blank UN & PW and it'll give you "wrong UN and PW" type thing, and just hit: play offline. But I highly recommend buying it. Even if it is a little expensive...
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