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Originally Posted by jefboyardee View Post
So I’m about to try the 2.2.2 downgrade all by myself
A) Read the introductory part of the main guide
B) download Sprint's stock ZVD ROM called ""
C) Copy that ZVD "" onto the root directory
D) Turn off the phone
E) Boot into recovery mode
F) Select “apply” (and confirm). It'll take a minute

Problem! First, it didn’t ask me to confirm, I just hit the menu button, per their instructions, and off it went. And the minute to load turned into three, then ten. Then I yanked the battery to get to step D and resumed, same result. Then one hour, then two.

I ended up taking it to the Sprint store, provided a feeble story and they did a really hard boot. I never got to step G but it’s acting fine and Froyo-ish.

G) Reboot and then go back into recovery mode.
H) Redo step F, by selecting “apply”
I) Select "Reboot”. (It will take a long time to boot up. Don’t worry.)
J) Clean up by deleting the file from your SD card.

Anyway, I presume my answer app will work, but after having to see the store to get there, I’m too spooked to root again. And yes, the Ginger prompt came right back, but this time I did the old More Info Yank trick.
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