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Originally Posted by pedro1977 View Post
1. I checked the files in stock and its 38.22k for the sensors file. This has the orientation sensor that works then. Also explains variable standalone gps accuracy.

2. Google Search didnt display any results.

3. It is possible to activate bluetooth from the settings menu in stock even with airplane mode on as i thought. not sure if this was an intended change or bug.

* You said you extracted some DSP settings, could you indicate where you stored them? I would like to take a look at them.

* Wheres the (Android) wallpaper stored, im toying with both adw and holo at the moment on eh09.
I can get accuracy down to 2 Metres in the City. In my town (which is about 20miles away from any large'esq city) I can usually get between 4 to 9 meter accuracy from standalone gps.
Im not too sure about the BT issue -- if it is suppose to be an improvement, or is infact a bug. I'll test it out once I find my BT device (temporarily lost it in the move).
Google search works great for me. Returns search results every time (data and wifi)
I didn't extract any DSP settings m8.
Android Wallpaper is stored in the original stock Launcher.apk. I think its located in /res/drawable-mdpi/. If you want them, just extract your Launcher2.apk from one of your original backups and nav. to the directory I mentioned.
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