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Originally Posted by MrSmoofy View Post
64GB MicroSD - Your experts on 64GB MicroSD
Class 2: 8 megabits per second
Class 4: 15 megabits per second
Class 6: 20 megabits per second
Class 10: 30 megabits per second

Seems a class 6 64gb card is going to cost you about $60 right now and a Class 10 is gonna cost you $100+ not sure if a class 10 is needed but even $60 seems expensive when you can get a 32gb card for about $20.
I'm not sure those are accurate. The speeds I listed were off of SanDisk's website, and since that's the ones most are looking at it seemed the most relevant. There is a new class as of 2009, called UHS (for Ultra High Speed) and so far only have 1 speed "I". But a UHS card needs to have a UHS host or it will revert back to the speeds for standard sd cards.
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