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Originally Posted by butters123 View Post
i now have a wifi problem,
Ive had the phone 3 days, the first two days the wifi was great, but today it is just not working.
All other laptops and pcs and phones work fine with wifi just this s3 is not.

The first two days when i turned wifi on - it connected automatically (after the initial connection asking for the password) and every thing was fine, but today when i turn wifi on no auto connection to the hub and no connection at all.
When i click wifi- the list of local wifi connection points come available, so i click on mine (which is repeated twice - one has "wps available" under it) and it says connecting for a few seconds and then it just returns to scanning, it will not connect and it will just keep scanning over and over and over again till wifi is turned off, Also under my wifi point name it says "Saved".

I press forgot network (on both of my repeated networks) and they just reappear.

Any help would be great

Merged your post over here so that you may consider the tip in this thread.

A few other good things to know (wish my neighbors did, LoL!) -

- don't use the default network name that came with your router, be creative (and keep it short, no spaces)

- do try Wifi Analyzer, free in the Store, to see if your wifi network is on the same channel as everyone elses - because that may work, but it's not the right way

Both of the above can be set in your router.

And in the event of phone once working and then not for no reason - try a router reset. Many ills have been cured with that one simple trick.

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