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Originally Posted by inm8num2 View Post
I will hold Samsung equally responsible. They could have told Verizon to shove it when Verizon asked for a locked bootloader. Instead, Samsung agreed to sell people locked phones then announce a couple weeks later than an unlocked version would be sold separately for Verizon customers.

The public perception of Samsung being shackled by Verizon, then doing everyone a favor by selling them unlocked phones, plays right into the business strategy that benefits both Samsung and Verizon.
right...there are two ways to look at Samsung here...

1. The White Knight: The "Developer" phone was their way of throwing us a bone to help offset the practices of VZW
- however if this is the case then VZW are complete scum because if this phone is allowed, why cant we just unlock the ones we have now?
2. The Willing Participant: VZW requests the lock...Samsung goes along with it in exchange for being able to sell an unlocked "Developer" phone later on
- VZW is still scum
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