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Originally Posted by 3vodroid View Post

From "open signal maps". And I'll be honest I don't exactly know what it all means... Do I want more or less pings? And I'm guessing it would be ideal to be connected to one tower opposed to 5? And I will be honest when I say.. The signal I receive at home definitely out does most signal I will have all day.. Driving to work.. At work.. Wawa near work.... In my area the phrase "hit or miss". Really does come to mind. I really hope being so close to Atlantic city helps my chance of being part of sprints network vision early on.. I'd love to just be able to watch a YouTube video at a whim.. And not have to be worried about videos taking forever and being embarrassed by friends who have at&t or Verizon at work. For some reason Web pages load super fast for me..facebook/twitter/instagram are acceptable at best, streaming videos is another story lol.. Verizon/at&t seem to have great signal anywhere in my area... But I'm pretty sure at&t has 4g in my area and I'm positive that Verizon has their 4g LTE in my area.. Which isn't very impressive on my girlfriends stratosphere I may add...

P. S.. For that speed test I had wifi off.. And for the general information I had wifi mode off via the open signal maps app... So the 3g stats are accurate

interesting..on mine it draws a line to the tower location it is connected to.

It generates the locations based on people using the there may be no one in your area using it. (thus no tower location data)
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