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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
That was my understanding. I may be incorrect. I've been playing less than a week. I don't recall what server I picked TBH. I just picked a highly populated west coast PVE server. I know they have tons of servers on there that are dead. I've seen people in the game reporting that they were the only player on the entire planet in some cases.

Amazon was selling the collectors edition in a "damaged box" for $40. I had a $10 certificate so it ended up being $30. I looked over the box and couldn't find anything other than a very minor ding on the very top. I've certainly seen boxed items on the shelves of stores much, much more banged up and still looking brand new.

I've got a Sith Inquistor at lvl 13 or so now. There are some aspects of the game I'm struggling with (like why you have to "rest" in a cantina in order to get XP faster) and I'm trying to figure out how to best utilize my companion. I'm also toying with other character types.
They just consolidated a bunch of servers and reports are that the population is MUCh better across the board.

My main is on a East Coast server but I think I have a Jedi Consular on a west.

Honestly I dont pay attention to the 'rest' status. If you like doing ALL the side missions then you won't have ANY trouble getting to 50 FAST! (unless you're me and play once a week at best. i've been 'active' since the earlt access (dec 13th) and still am only Lv38)
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