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Default Battery nightmare!

Originally Posted by lunatic59 View Post
The primary rule in voicing differing opinions is attack issues, not each other. Please do not make this personal because it distracts from getting important information to the rest of the members. We have Jerry Springer and Maury Povich if people wish to be entertained by meaningless conflict.

Now, to the issue of the battery.

In fact, you are both right. Li-Ion batteries do not suffer from the memory effect and do not need to be conditioned. And deeply discharging a li-ion battery frequently can damage it and letting it discharge completely and stay that way for a long time can render it unchargable.

That said, the ops advice is also sound. Android needs to be taught exactly what a full charge represents so that it can manage power appropriately.

One of the things I recommend all new phone owners to do is to perform a deep power cycle.

Let your phone discharge completely, keep it on until you are warned about low battery and then just let it run out. Most phone will shut down automatically around 5%.

Plug the phone into the original a/c charger, not the usb cable. Let it charge to full uninterrupted.

When the phone says full, unplug the phone from the charge and reboot. Once the phone is completely restarted, plug it back into the charger and shut the phone off. Even if it says fully charged, let it charge for at least one more hour.

Unplug the charger and reboot the phone one more time. Now you should start seeing (possibly significantly) longer charge times.

Without a deep power cycle, it doesn't know the true capacity of the battery. You should only need to do this once as regularly deep cycling the battery can harm it. Li-Ion batteries perform better and last longer with incremental charges.
Thanks for the advice everyone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I'm experiencing very frustrating battery life since purchase. I know the battery is performing way below what should be expected as it doesn't even come close to living up to my old iPhone. I currently lose about 10% battery life per hour regardless of usage. If anything, it appears to drain faster when the phone is not in use! I am in a good service area so no problems with reception. I've tried all the advice I can find online - disabled all of the major apps with potential for battery drain, turned off sync, turned off push email, no bluetooth, wifi only when available etc etc. No success!

lunatic59, after reading your post, and others, I thought it might have something to do with the battery condition. Some of the advice on this forum, although there is a lot of conflicting advice, suggests first charge should be for up to 12hrs and you should not use it at the same time. When I received my phone I immediately started to charge it but I did use it at the same time. I therefore thought this may have contributed to damaging the battery? So, I have now tried deep cycling as recommended by lunatic59, but unfortunately this does not appear to have helped! luncatic59 - How many times am I supposed to charge, reboot, then charge again?

Extremely frustrating ... From reading the forums online, I can see that there seems to be widespread battery issues with the international variant of the phone. In which case, might this be a fault with the firmware and am I best off waiting for Samsung to release a fix?

Does anyone else have any thoughts or suggestions please? Getting rather desperate and would really appreciate your help.

I've resorted to ordering a new battery just in case that's the problem, but I suspect it's not.

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