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Originally Posted by ebusinesstutor View Post
I looked at the S3 and my son has the HTC One S. but I went with the Note. The reason? I wanted to replace my aging iPhone 3G and my Archos 70 7" tablet which were both on my last legs.

I realized that I would either have to buy a phone and a tablet or look for something that would replace both. The difference in the screen size on the Note makes all the difference for web browsing, ebook reading and many other functions.

After a week with it, I know I made the right choice.
I totally agree and have no idea how the management team at Verizon missed this especially after so many of us wrote so many important uses for a bigger phone in September 2011. I'd love to know the story behind this decision from Verizon's side and Samsung's.

It's as stupid as Microsoft not interfacing with all the fields of MS Office, as if size and space were a problem. The phone from the owner of Windows and MS Office gives you less synchronization than you can get from Documents To Go. That's Ok for Apple or Android but not MS. If they did it with the Dell Axim PDA 8 years ago, they should have had no problem doing it now. You wonder what the hell these execs are doing with their time. Maybe they should spend less time in the Lamborghini showrooms and more time trying to find better products to improve their company.

If MS had a Note like phone with full sync for Office, I'd go there in a heartbeat. However, they don't so I too am waiting for the Note 2 and will buy one either on Verizon or ATT. If VZW doesn't have it, I'll switch.
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