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Originally Posted by mikem0269 View Post
Ive had problems with some sprint NON CORPRATE stores before I called sprint and complained. They sent me to a corp. store and I have always been taken care of in a timely and prof. manner. This was due to a charging prob on my daughters og evo and when we took it in to a non corp store the kid that looks at the phone said the charging port was torn completely off the board ( phone 3 weeks old) and it was abuse not warr. I looked at him and said if that was the case the port would be loose when wiggled with the cord. The only responce i got was i could buy a new one at the reg $549.00 price but i needed to decide quick because they were closing for a party.
When I called sprint they said they had several complaints and were in the process of pulling their line from the store. He then put me on hold and called the nearest corp store and sent me there. I was in and out in 15mn with a new phone.
Originally Posted by CriticalCritic View Post
Agreed. The few Non-corporate stores I have been to (about 4 of them) have all been terribly unhelpful and even rude when I present anything to them that is not a handful of cash (save one, that I used to frequent but never purchased anything). The 2 corporate stores that I have visited were always a pain to deal with due to their wait times, but they were friendly and helpful once I did finally get to speak to someone.

The worst, IMO, is Sprint's phone reps. I had a similar situation to the OP with the Samsung Moment (granted, I'm pretty sure 100% of those devices were defective since I went through 6 of them in a row with the same defects). When I got up to the manager level of their customer service department I was treated rudely and told, something along the lines of, accept the defective device or pay the early termination fee to switch carriers because they weren't going to allow me to swap for a comparable device.

I hate hearing things like this. I am the manager of a NON CORP store. We have great customer service in my store. I make sure of that. We do have people leave mad but it is for things that I have no control over. I love my job and I love my customers. Even the ones that yell at me.
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