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Originally Posted by ec34500 View Post
wow thats a great idea!! So i can actually switch over my number with just having the sim card and not having the phone yet?? That's great! and then when I get back I can just pop the sim into the phone and everything will be okay? Cause idc if I'm out of a phone for a few days id rather save $30

EDIT: or even can I see if anyone has an old GSM phone they're not using and use that for the trip until I get back with my new phone? Will it work to just switch over the sim card over like that? I wont need to reactivate do i?
I'm going to suggest you ask this question over on the Staight Talk forum, or talk to Straight Talk customer support. For some reason, looking at Straight Talk's website, it appears as if they tie the account to the phone rather than to the Sim Card. I suppose it is possible because they use both the Verizon and the AT&T networks, depending on the phone.

Because of what I've found, I'm not sure that just activating the SIM is an option, Straight Talk likely will have to answer that. It does look like it would be possible to use an old GSM phone and activate with it, though you would have to transfer the account to the Nexus when you are ready to switch.
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