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So the question was "do I need to downgrade my baseband v. to run Unrevoked and get S-off?".

At this time, the following devices are supported.
HTC Droid Incredible, running radio baseband versions:
And the reply was
Originally Posted by sdrawkcab25 View Post
Correct, you need to downgrade your phone to 2.2 to get s-off.
So this means that downgrading your phone to 2.2 also downgrades your baseband?

Please pardon my n00b confusion.

Basically I followed this [HOW TO] Fix the "Low on space" problem (in plain English) and now have root with 2.3.4, but want to carry on to also have S-off.

Please confirm, I basically need to:
  • downgrade to 2.2 (what's the easiest way, considering I have root and Clockwork installed?)
  • Run current version of Unrevoked(?)
  • re-upgrade to 2.3.4 (restore the backup of my current ROM?)

Forgive my asking; I usually am the guy telling people to RTFM but I haven't been able to find my particular situation addressed.

I presently have baseband on 2.3.4, and as soon as I fixed the space issue it started bugging me to update to 4.08.605.15.

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