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Originally Posted by Phubu View Post
for the camera issue im not and expert but try running the fix_permissions and reboot or just replace the app.

for the battery, use a battery calibration app like this one that might help. This erases any misleading battery stats left from previous flashed roms, therefore letting the phone read the correct stats.

about the model name ... no idea lol
Thanks for the advice. I'll run the battery calibration as soon as I can.
The biggest problem is the camera. If I cannot figure out why this is happening, I will need to switch rom's. I found two CM7.2's, one by Playfulgod, and the other one by BobZ. So I guess I'll flash over to Bobz's and see what happens but at last resort. I hope someone can give me a idea why this is happening. I use my camera allot. I've tried downloading other camera apps and still same result. I've tried with OverClocked and without. All still same results.

If someone has any idea or a way to fix it I would love to hear from ya.

BTW: thanks for the fast replys. You guys are really the best!! I've been only flashing/rooting phones for only 20 days now. so ya I'm a noob, but I'm getting better becuz u guys..

ya. I sound like a butt kisser but hey! I meant what I said.


--- UPDATE ---

Reflashed my phone with BobZ's CM7.2RC0 03242012.. Worked like A charm! It fixed the camera and everything works.. Except I cannot find the Play Store... I see the Play books and etc but no Play Store.. So I'm gonna reflash the gapps...
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