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Originally Posted by wildkitten View Post
The most irritating thing about these little data drops is the fact they showcase what to me is a huge flaw in the Android phones in the fact every time the data reconnects it checks my email even though every setting there is is set to manual. In an ironic way, that "droooiidddd" tone let's me know when a data drop has occured.
Originally Posted by doogald View Post
By the way, does the same thing happen with a good third-party mail client like K9 Mail? (Actually I believe that we have had this discussion before; it seems familiar...)
Originally Posted by wildkitten View Post
If I remember correctly, yes. Although I wasn't to impressed with K9. I'm also not a big fan of just downloading app after app. I have the few apps I need, a few "fun" apps like Tunein Radio and such but that's all.
Ok, I can confirm after a few days using K9 that it will respect your setting for how often to connect to mail. You can turn off push for a folder or all folders (settings->account settings->fetching mail) and then set a polling frequency and that frequency is adhered to even if you lose a data connection. The other thing that I like is that, unlike the stock mail client, if I turn off data sync for a while, K9 does not check for mail, while the stock mail client does anyway. (GMail also respects the data sync setting.)

The status bar icon in rather unattractive but the app gets the job done.
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