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Switched from a Windows phone to the DINC almost 2 years ago. I loved everything about the phone except batt life. Went to the double batt almost immediately and still had trouble getting through an entire day without a charge.
But what a GREAT PHONE!!
Others in the company were switching to newer devices all the time, but I stayed with my DINC.
Then the dreaded low memory bug surfaced. After 3 hard resets, I finally threw in the towel. Our main office said that everybody was happy with their iPhone 4s and they sent one to me.
Interesting device. Screen is MUCH better in sunlight but it just isn't as versatile as a Droid.
I expressed my concerns and they told me I would love it if I just tried it for a month with an open mind.

Month is up. I gave the 4s a fair shot but I really miss the DINC in the drawer.

Looks like a SG3S is in my future because I don't see anything else I like.
Heck I would even reactivate the DINC if I knew I wouldn't get the memory error again in a month or two.
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