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Originally Posted by Adar View Post
Hahaha. You know, why bother to keep giving out these timeframes? Every month they just push it back to the following month. Just go back to giving a generic "Coming soon". Much better than giving us a date that they never, ever hit.
I'm just as pissed off as you are (about the EVO 3D update delays) - but do realize that this is the first time that Sprint has officially and publicly provided a timeline for the update.

AFAIK, everything till now has been "a store rep said" or "heard a sprint VP hint at" or "customer service agent said" or "a voice in my head said" etc...

While my primary device is now a GNex, I don't really see a reason to doubt this (incredibly terribly horribly delayed update). Absolutely no reason why it had to be this delayed - except sprint trying to frustrate customers to buy new devices - but it is what it is.
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