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Originally Posted by serpa4 View Post
What would the iPhone have to do with it? I see in the past, I'd say VZW had motive to get those iPhone customers away from the other carriers since they didn't have the iphone. However, since all carriers have the iphone, to VZW now, what difference does it make if a VZW customer is on an iPhone or Droid?
By "they" I mean Motorola wanting to delay it and not wanting to go head to head with the iphone. I just don't think Motorola would release their baby just before or at the same time the iphone is rumored to launch. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but I think if they can get it out in the early part of September (with ICS) then great, if not then we will probably get JB and a November launch. I hope I'm wrong but I just don't see a launch in the next 6 weeks.

As for Verizon, of course they wouldn't care if it was released with the iphone. They would love to have the 2 biggest phones on their network at the same time. I just mention them as being a likely cause for delaying the launch with their infamous testing if JB is added.
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