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Originally Posted by varaonaid View Post
Please tell me I'm not crazy and that they will follow through with Network Vision...soon!
I wish I could, but the fact is that nobody can keep that promise, not even Sprint. I don't mean to say that Sprint isn't going to accomplish it; I just mean that they don't have an insurance policy that will guarantee it happens on time if something goes wrong. Kind of like with your husband's phone, if you follow me.

Sprint's EVDO system is pretty solid, but it's a "rob Peter to pay Paul" arrangement. EVDO gives and takes blocks of capacity and allocates them to voice or data as needed. That's great when there are more blocks than demand for them. But with so many smart phones having continuous data sessions, it's now a matter of trying to be fair to data users while keeping voice calls as reliable as POTS. The technical challenge is kind of like changing all your clothes in a subcompact car, over and over.
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