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Originally Posted by ArmageddonX View Post
First off, sorry I've been MIA from this thread. Dealing with some IRL things right now.

Corpse, if Sprint really feels that way about our Evo3D's, I would be personally offended. I made a bet on Sprint buying this phone & it's a darn good device.

If they really want us to upgrade to LTE so badly, then they should offer free upgrades to those of us who renewed our contracts within one-year of WiMax stopping expansion & LTE being announced.

Sprint should back up & support their flagship phones like the Evo3D like they said they would. I'm trying to have faith here... I really am. I am disappointed in this situation.

~ ArmyX
I would hope so to, I know what I said earlier goes with a long string of what people have "heard" from reps and techs, etc...I bought this phone because at the time, and even still now, it is one of the top performing phones out can throw the whole 3D thing out the window, and this is still one of the best phones.

But I have read on some other sites, where people have also said that both HTC and Sprint agree that this might be the last update that ever goes with our phone, barring some horrible bug that comes with the ICS update. Since its taking so long for us to get this update, I'm would think both Sprint and HTC are working hard to make sure this is a smooth and bug free update.

I agree with the contract thing as well, but since LTE is only available in limited markets as of now, and Los Angeles is not one of them...I'm in no rush to upgrade to a new phone. Some sites have even said Los Angeles and many other large market areas won't see LTE until 2013 and mid 2013 at that.

So with that being said, this official announcement of ICS finally by Sprint has brightened the mood some, but it still is kinda sour
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