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Originally Posted by marctronixx View Post
how do you know for certain its not related to the signal? you can still get signal quality issues even with full strength.

could be related to growing pains with the LTE network--which is still a work in progress country - wide.

contact sprint, give them your zip code and see if there are any signal issues in your area. Taking the phone into a corporate service center so they can test the radio is also a good idea.

if you are rooted, then you could have other issues related to the ROM. You may want to post this in the rooting section as well.
I pretty sure its not a signal issue because my wife can have her gs2 inches away from mine and have her 3G and 4g working. I've done every update, have tried unrooting, stock rom, custom rom nothing works. Plus I can be sitting still and have blazing fast 4g lte, then nothing no lte no 3G, my browser tells me to connect to the Internet. If I wait ten minutes and switch back and forth between CDMA and lte in the options it will return and work great for 30 minutes.

It gets really annoying on my hour commute when I can't listen to pandora or podcast. Especially when i know its not the network since when I have the wife with me her phone works great.
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