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Originally Posted by bhill View Post
LTE version on Vzw, unlock/root, 4.0.4 IMM76K
Phone is from day of release on Vzw.

I have the exact same symptoms that the OP described, and this just started happening in the last week or so. Nothing has changed in my ROM/Kernel/Radios in that time.

I have installed the Wired Headset Routing app/widget as well, and I can tell that it's "trying" to override the phone's desire to route sound to the headphone jack, and sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it doesn't.

The best example of it is if I watch a video, say on YouTube. With no headphones plugged in, the video will start playing, either with or without any sound. Then, at some random point, it will pause the video, and if I hit Play to start it again, the opposite sound condition exists (e.g., speaker now vs nothing before).

It will then pause again, and when I hit play again, the sound routing has switched.

However, if I plug a set of headphones into the jack during this same video playback, the sound stays locked in on the headphones, and the video doesn't randomly pause.

This is very frustrating, as the same symptoms occur during phone calls, which makes my SmartPHONE basically useless as a phone.

I guess I should call Vzw looking for a hardware replacement, as the apps don't solve my problem.

Any other thoughts? OP, did you have any luck?
Well bhill, I hate to be the bearer of "bad news" but I returned my phone for a replacement. I posted this thread, did as much research as I could but just came up empty more or less. That or the phone's behaviour became untollerable and I had no choice but to act. They sent me a certified like new phone, which I wasn't crazy about but so far it's been awesome. Although my first phone was awesome for the 6 month's I had it until I started having the same problems as you.

With my new phone I've kept my Tasker troubleshooting profile active so I can continue monitor things should my new phone start acting up too. I will say this, after everything. I have to believe this is a hardware defect. In hindsight, I didn't always use the headphone jack. Then started using some headphones with it, which may have coincided with my problems starting. Now with this new phone I REFUSE to plug anything into the headphone jack. I personally think that the headphone hardware wasn't built all that well and using the jack only worsens it. I figure if I never use the jack, I won't start start the ball rolling so to speak.

I'm truly sorry to hear about your problems and hope you find a solution! Keep me updated.
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