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Default Multiple Users in an Office setting - TF303 and TF101

MULTIPLE USERS in an OFFICE & other issues
I want my work to get some Asus tablets for our overseas travel. We have a number of small laptops but when you travel a lot even these become burdensome to lug around. I bought my own Asus tablet TF101 recently, and trialled it on a trip to PNG in May - it had a number of flaws, the primary one being that it would not recognise a wireless modem in the USB port (whereas a notebook/laptop does). The second problem is that it tends to freeze up sometimes in the middle of using a program. The third problem, if I leave the device turned off for about 2 days+ it loses all battery charge, and then I struggle to get it to recharge (like now!).

If our office purchased one of the new Asus tablet 303s, I have four operational questions:

1. Does it recognise a wireless modem in the USB port?
2. As the tablet would be used at various times by up to five staff members, is there a way to setup for multiple users eg., similar to logging in to a PC.
3. Why is there a problem with the TF101 battery holding a charge? Is this resolved on the 303 tablet?
4. Why does my TF101 freeze in the middle of programs (especially Angry Birds!).
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