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Originally Posted by cwhatever View Post
if your phone gets wet and you pulled battery in time or just try anyways, to fully dry it out seal it in a baggie with a bunch of uncooked rice for a couple of days. it will pull all moisture out like it does in a salt shaker.
A few notes on that from a day sailor:

1. Disconnect ALL power sources (wires, internal and external batteries etc.) IMMEDIATELY upon discovering the electronic item is wet.

2. If the phone was dropped into salt water or water that's contaminated with potentially corrosive chemicals, mud or other debris, first wash the phone off with clean fresh water. Rinse with distilled water after shaking out as much residue as possible, and shake again. (For tube equipment, or fragile things, use discretion here.) Rinse and clean internal batteries in a similar manner.

3. After you've removed as much clean water by physical means (shaking, draining, towels etc.), use a desiccant and/or a warm oven to speed the evaporation of the remaining moisture. NOTE: USE HEAT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Rice is a cheap home brew desiccant that works best when its been stored in a low humidity area prior to using it as a desiccant. Table sugar is also a commonly found desiccant, BTW. Silica gel desiccant can be purchased in larger packages from various sources, including some auto and marine supply stores, scientific supply stores, retail stores (Wal-Mart has some) and other sources. You might want to look for and buy a good commercial desiccant while you're using the rice trick.

Hope this helps!
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