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Originally Posted by Mayhem View Post
I have occasion to want/need to access my home PC from my phone. As it stands right now, when I access it remotely using freedns, it brings up my router's configuration page (dd-wrt). I definitely do not want that.
If your DD-WRT install is set up to respond to a "http://yourInternetIP/" request, then you probably should change the port to access your router, and make it an SSL connection if possible.

I've used Apache in the past but don't know if it's the most secure web server. Can anyone suggest a light-weight one that is?
Apache can be made as secure as you need it to be. As for lightweight Windows HTTP servers, I don't know of any general purpose ones. I had one that exposed my Windows filesystems (drives) using a simple HTTP server, but I can't find it right now.

If you want secure file access, you can install Cygwin's SSH service or one of the several Cygwin-based SSH server packages, and use WinSCP to move files to/from your computer securely.

If you want to use your desktop as you would at home, with security, try LogMeIn. They still offer a free version.

I need to keep Windows on the box because of the remote access client I use to connect to my office.
There's a very good program called rdpclient for Linux that I've used to access Windows computers and Terminal Servers. It works great and has at least as many features as the Windows client.
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