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Originally Posted by IOWA View Post
I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. The only thing people deserve is the service they agreed to pay for, at the rate they paid for them.

Comparing wireless data to wireline data is a complete fallacy, as the two are hardly comparable for a rather long laundry list of reasons.
Although the methods differ, both wireline and wireless data carriers do more or less the same thing: establish an Internet connection for you.

Both have their own expenses and business that they have to deal with. None of them own a magic Internet tree.

The day will come when all ISPs will have to give up the smörgåsbord pricing, and we'll all be paying ā la carte for the amount of data we use. For those who are blessed with unlimited data at data rates that let them get more than their money's worth, be grateful and enjoy it while it lasts. Also remember that it's people like you (the ones who push "unlimited" to the limit) who are responsible for carriers having no choice but to sell data downloads by the byte.
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