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Default What a joke!!!!!

Thought I would add my version of this problem, have been reading ALL of these related posts and it would seem that it is a common problem across all networks

So I got my phone a couple of months ago with Vodafone and just recently it started saying charging paused too high voltage and would drain rapidly.

I sent it back for repair but they said it was water damaged, not by the indicators but by a change in colour of the metal on the usb port (corrosion)

Now if the phone has never been in water (indicators dont show this) then how the heck does vodafone say that this is due to the user. After 2 months of normal use I have a phone which is unusable because Samsung used cheap material or bad design which meant that the usb port corrodes at an unusual rate and effects the circuitry.

They haven't even proved that that change in colour is corrosion and that it is this that is creating the problem. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!!

All those who have this problem, you are getting mugged. After paying nearly 1000 for the phone and contract you have to worry about getting another phone. What a joke.

There is no solution to this problem other than paying an extortionate rate (100) to fix a small piece of usb. The only other thing is to buy one of the usb ports of ebay from a dodgy website (supposedly OEM but probably not) and this might damage your phone further.

Absolute joke.

Furthermore there is a high likelihood that you will send your phone back, it will come back unfixed, you will have lost all your data, paid apps etc and the operator wont give a flying duck.

Design fault which has screwed the customer and we are still bleeding money with a knackered phone. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One piece of advice try sending to samsung they might help, im taking mine in this afternoon.

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