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I thought it worth mentioning that Pimlical has just introduced new versions with 2 very critical improvements, particularly for Palm refugees that would rather not deal with Google (although it still handles Google calendars).

First, it finally has it's own data base. This means that you can have as much of a time window as you want, including years of calendars, stored locally on your handheld. It also means it is better able to fully utilize all of it's own Calendar features which Google's apis may not be as well suited for.

Second, the desktop for Windows provides direct USB sync with a palm-style conduit that is very fast and very efficient. If you want to mix in Google Calandars as well as local calendars, you can, but if you want just local USB sync directy to your computer, this works like a dream. Companion Link is very good and I've been using it for a year now, but this is the first USB sync I have used with Android that didn't make me cover my eyes until it was over.

It is still only a calendar (will sync floats or tasks if they are on the calendar), but with the Android app having it's own database, I think syncing the other PIMs will come along eventually.

I have just switched back to it from Calengoo and it is lovely on my Samsung Galaxy Player 5.

Just, FYI
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