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Originally Posted by wonderbread View Post
Well isn't just the same as the old SSD drives when if it didn't have trim it would get slow? If not, I really wonder why it has slowed down so much. Even receiving a text takes ages. I have a task manager that shows CPU usage and the device looks idle, so not some terrible processes taking up a bunch of resources, it's just dog slow.
There is no moving parts in either, the reason defragging a normal hard drive helps is because it limits the distance the arm has to move to read a file. No moving parts = no reason to defragment.

But again you would NEVER want to do that to a phones internal memory anyway, it will completely mess up the partition table.

But flash memory can just become cluttered with corrupt files, causing it to operate slowly. So a factory reset will clear out the junk, so the OS isn't tripping over itself to access DB files. But a lot of times the only thing that is causing a slow down is either just a few bad apps on the phone or a corrupted sd card, which a full format will fix most of the time.

As a last resort you can also reload the OS from scratch, using an RUU (rom update utility or file)
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