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Originally Posted by Sewer Dweller View Post
The 1st Bionic I have is on 5.5.905 which is the current phone I use. The 2nd Bionic I purchased from eBay with a bad esn with intentions to play around with it first before trying it on my main phone. (Well, the esn turned out to be good and for $100 you can't beat that, but that's not the point)

The 2nd phone has version 5.5.893.

From what I've been reading for a while, most of the stuff I have found relates to being able to root version 902 which is why I want to ask
A.) Is 905 rootable? If so, how?

B.) I've also read something about loosing the option to take video after rooting or loosing other abilites, unless I've read wrong or have my info mixed up. Is this true?

Again, I've read that version 905 fixes 4G connectivity issues and so on but still, I'm not sure if it's rootable, or if it looses any other abilities as mentioned above.

C.) Would it be better to root the 2nd Bionic since it has a lower version?
or just root both phones?

D.) On the 2nd Bionic, if I do root, do I have to update the software to version 902 in order to be able to root? since the current version is at 5.5.893, or do I root from the older version instead?

E.) If I do root the 2nd Bionic, can I then update to 905 and keep root? I've seen some say yes, and other say no, and others don't know

I know this post is long but most q's can be answered with a simple yes or no, unless you want to be forever hailed as the person(s) who helped me solve my own problems.

I ask because I don't want to end up with 2 bricks, because if I do, I'll smash them with real bricks. This is why I have a 2nd phone to experiment with.
A) Yes using motofail get it here

B) No you will not loose any abilities

C) You can currently root any version the bionic is on

D) See C

E) See D

As far as creating bricks as long as you don't flash the ICS leak 6.7.235 you can always flash the 5.9.905 FXZ from this thread and it will restore your bionic to out of the box.
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