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Originally Posted by hogaburger View Post
Excellent stuff, xthedakmanx. Thanks for this!

First time I switched on 4g in the beta version, the phone turned off then boot looped 3 times before loading back into the rom. But now everything works perfectly, including 4g.

On a side note, is there any way to remove the audio from the boot animation? I like to keep my phone silent on boot if I can help it.

Just to add to the information pool:
-Flashed with 4EXT with no problems, did a data wipe, dalvik/cache wipe
-Flashed ICS AOSP theme over it successfully

If anyone is overclocking this thing for the first time, I highly recommend SetCPU on the Play Store. It'll cost you a couple bucks but the profile feature is so convenient and totally worth it. I use it to make my phone automatically overclock to 1.7 when I use Quadrant or play certain games.
Get setcpu from xda... Its free
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