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Could we soon get Android Ice Cream Sandwich, or Jellybean, on the Droid 3? It finally looks like this may be possible :-)


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The author writes:

On June 11th, I wrote a semi-rant “Droid 3.. to be or not to be (ICS’d)”, and I discussed the exact reasons why I was “giving up” on ICS for the Droid 3. Many of you who follow me on twitter (@hashcode0f) have seen hints that something has changed in the Droid 3 world and are seeing words like “kexec” floating around. Here’s a review of some of the points I brought up in my earlier post and the counter point to what has changed since then....

...As of a week ago, I have a full CM9 build using a new 3.0 kernel which has been heavily modified to more closely resemble a stock kernel from TI. It’s using Jelly Bean ready graphics drivers. And has the code ready to load a 512MB memory mapped ducati binary enabling HD codecs and possibly camera. NOTE AGAIN: this ducati binary actually doesn’t currently exist. But, more on that later....In general, this build is encouraging as it demonstrates how close the Droid 3 is to being brought up-to-date with the other devices that I support (RAZR, Droid 4 and Bionic). And how well it cam run ICS and the Jelly Bean builds to come.
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