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Default Droid Video Nightmare

Iíve had my droid for almost two years and finally shot a video, ultimately for a friend with a PC. I figured I would simply copy the file over to my PC, confirm that it works on my Media Player, email it to her and go on with my life. What I then learned was shocking, disgusting and inexcusable.

ē Droid movies are made in 3pg format, not mpg or avi or wmv. So I had to find a converter.

ē Rollback saved my computer again, as I tried a few of the countless apps, roll back PC time to get rid of them. By then, an evening was wasted and my PC was right where it started.

ē Next morning, I found a utube that convinced me Any Video Converter was as good as Iíll get. Lo and behold, it does work and doesnít come with ten incredibly useful bloats.

ē I spent the next five hours having to try converting to different formats, none of which quite worked. Some made the twenty-minute video twenty seconds long, some didnít work at all, some distorted the picture beyond all recognition.

ē I settled on one that just distorted the picture beyond some recognition and am about to send to her, all dressed up in apologies.

Why the eff didnít google choose an already commonplace video format? Or, why the eff canít MS keep up with these things?

Why the eff did I just have to spend twelve hours to figure out how to get a droid video to almost play on a PC?

Why the eff is there a new video format introduced every full moon?

Iím going to buy a bunch of stamps and liquor now, get drunk conduct all my business by U.S. Mail, until it goes under...
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